Never say never

People often say that youth is wasted on the young,

but how can it be wasted if there’s no memory.

The memories I do have are vivid and bad

somewhat unsurprising that I often felt sad.

Growing up as one of nine,

home life was often confusing and intertwined.

A strong independent mum, with no father figure,

I often think that this may have been a trigger.

I remember one day when I was small,

it wasn’t my mum who picked me up from school at all.

A strange woman took me to a strange house,

with no sign of my siblings or house.

To wake up and not know those around me,

no mum, no sisters, and no boring cereals.

Scared and alone, had I done something wrong,

All that I knew was that I had to remain strong.

With no specific direction or mentors available,

my mum was my light and my shining beacon.

My mum was so passionate that we must not replicate

her mistakes, but all I remember was her sacrifices and care.

Pushed as children to succeed,

I was not the brightest but driven indeed.

My mum was not educated, but what she did instil

was the work ethic, passion and drive to succeed

I did not enjoy school, feeling like such a fool,

and despite my hard work there was no appeal.

To be told by teachers that you may as well work,

as you don’t stand a chance to really succeed in this world.

College was on the horizon, but maybe my teachers were right,

I just couldn’t do well which gave me such a fright.

I worked for years and earned good money,

but there was always something missing like a bee with its honey.

I applied to university as a post-graduate student,

and despite my lack of qualifications, they gave me a chance!

I took that chance with both hands,

fuelled with determination and drive to prove those naysayers wrong.

15 years later, a degree, a masters a PhD, and now studying medicine,

to be given one chance was all that I needed.

No father figure present, one strong independent mum,

to be told I couldn’t do something was what drove me on.

Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

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