I decided that University was for me because previously I had studied for many years at college, and I liked the self-study environment. At college for me, I was given the substance of many matters in the taught classes, but it was really the actual physical writing up of my coursework that I really enjoyed even if they were challenging. I found the coursework tasks actually helped me to discover what I was truly capable of in that I was studying and doing things in my own mental environment, and I wasn’t having the stimuli of how exactly I should be doing everything that I was asked to do. I enjoyed the freedom to be creative with my work. 

I then did some research as to my next steps and I realised I wanted to go to university as I wanted to get a job which required you to be educated. I wanted an ultimate goal to aim for which for me was to be in paid employment giving me substantial rewards in terms of not only money but also fulfilment. I realised that going to university was the only way to make this happen. I also realised that studying independently could be done at university and even more so than in college.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. There may very well be obstacles to getting what you want but if you have the mental willpower that I did when I had those personal obstacles then hopefully, you’ll find that you’ve achieved what you want to achieve.

The world is your oyster and only you have lived your life so only you truly know what you're capable of, and only you truly know who you are inside.  

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

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